I am currently unable to die and it is no fun. I found out how the bug started which is from practice mode in the coin tavern and apparently the fix was to complete the practice which I thought I did but... as you can see apparently I didn't. Now when I go to the practice mode to try too finish it's also bugged, not displaying the prompts like 'Light attack 3 times' only the 1/3 that pops up on the side. When I get to the 'Use a potion' part it doesn't progress at all sadly. I went through a good portion of the game without even noticing this was bugged, think I accidentally did the practice mode around lvl 15 and I'm 24 now and just noticed when a mini boss was smacking me around and I just kept getting back up. Though 'Wow survived with 1 hp cool' Then it happened again and again till I just stood there getting slapped at 1 hp multiple times. 😞

Loving the game however ❤