Crash on start up help please

Hey everyone,
Just a quick question and little info in hopes that someone can help me.

I've had BB2 since it first came out and it's always ran fine.
Until today, I tried to open it and play and it went past the BB2 logo screen then crashes, with the crash report up
and stating to maybe try updating my GPU drivers to see if that will help.
I tried opening both DX and GL 32 .exe, get the same thing on both.

So I went and got the latest drivers (442.19) and installed them. Still crashes. Uninstalled, reinstalled, still crashs and saying the same thing.

Now the only thing different is that I was forced the other day to update to the new Windows 10 build 1909.
So I guess no more playing BB2 now then? Cause I can't go back to an early build of Windows 10.

Over the years I've gotten all the teams and updates and always enjoy playing some BB. Now I can't because of this stupid Windows 10 update? Needless to say, this has upset me a great deal as I did enjoy playing Blood Bowl 2.

At my wits end on this and no idea what I can do to fix it.
Is there anyone that can help me?


Wanted to give an update.

So no way in hell would I just give up! Fixed the problem and it was an easy fix.
I threw my PC away... LOL nah
Come to find out, on RivaTuner Stealth mode turne don was causing it to crash. Though, I'm pretty sure I've always had this set to on, but now it makes the game crash? Weird.

Got lucky really with this finding.
Restarted my pc and in a hurry to start up BB2 after another reboot I didn't turn on MSI Afterburner and the game started up and went to main menu.
WTH? So I exit the game and that's when I noticed it was off. turned on MSI, yep, sure enough game crashed again.
So I went looking and after a few mins of trail and error, found out the Stealth mode set to on within RivaTuner was the cause of this start up crash.

Game is working again.

Having the same issue.... new laptop to play this game... crashes after it shows the Blood Bowl logo... no crashreports no nothing... just fails to launch

I tried to rollback the Geforce drivers, administrator mode on the exe files, shut down every other application opened...


I have windows 10 8th i7 2,2Ghz, Nvidia GTX 1050ti, 8Gb Ram...

What can I do?

Hey Nillyman,

I can only help you if your crash is due to having RivaTuner Stealth mode turned on. 😞
So if you happen to have RivaTuner on to watch your GPU temps, fans, etc. Just make sure to turn off Stealth mode and that should get your game to start back up and not crash.

I hope this helps you and sorry that this is all I got.

Hope you get it fixed though, and if you happen to figure it out on your own, please post here. Maybe we can start a thread with fixes for people out there.

Good luck!