[PC] Crash after the final game of the Campaign

MisfitMarius Crash Files.zip


I hope I've uploaded the correct files, and that you can access them. If not, please let me know how to proceed. I didn't have any .dmp files in my documents folder, just what's included in the attached .zip.

In a nutshell, I defeated the Skaven in the final game of the campaign. I watched the final cut-scene with Jim and Bob, and also saw the credits. But once the credits had completed, the game crashed and got stuck on the loading screen, I assume on the way back to the main menu. I had to Alt+Tab+Delete and stop the game.

I've tried Google, but the discussions I've found have offered no solution, and most are from 2015. The only thing approaching a solution I've seen is that "it's a known issue, wait for a patch", but such advice appears to be out of date.....one post I read said that the bug had been fixed in the Legendary Edition, but I have the LE and the issue is still present for me.

If there's anything more I can do, please let me know.


I'm experiencing the same problem. Is heir any fixes?


Same problem. There has to be patch info somewhere right?

I also got this error when I completed the campaign earlier this month, in Legendary Edition.