Check the CCL Leaderboard here!

Hi BB coaches! In the BB e-Sport Association we have created a tool in our website that allows you to easily check the status of the whole CCL updated every 15 minutes!

You will have at a glance the top 4 coaches of each race, the top winrate/matches played of each race, an estimation of the last wildcard spot, a highlight of the six lowest ranked races... a great tool to monitor the CCL evolution and to help you decide what races to play towards qualification or keep track of your opponents.

All the information comes from Goblinspy and you even can click on the coaches names or on the races to automatically obtain their query from Goblinspy.

Come one come all and enjoy!

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Looks handy if you're after qualifying. May I ask a noob question and enquire as to the difference between teams in yellow and those in green please?