So im assuming this has probably come up before but id like to make it a more of a precedent. When your talking about quality of life improvements i'd like to see a big one put in place that when your playing co-op an you need to update your loadout and or just need to resupply at a create, if you've just captured an OBJ and your within 3/5m of the create and in the loadout screen or just holding the resupply button for 5secs that that player should become invulnerable for the duration an possibly 3secs afterwards. My Reasoning for this is as you know the A.I. are aware of any player performing an action whether they have line or sight or not and will actively pursue an kill even if your in the menu. This can get very frustrating when your solo an have no cover from other players not to mention it just feels cheap to be killed without even being able to react or even get any indication that your under attack while in the loadout screen. Please take this into consideration an think about the possibility of adding such a function thanks. keep up the good work NWI 💪