Pitch invasion and KO?

I just finished a match elves vs gobbos and we had a pitch invasion turn 15 . I was surprised to see that the my fanatic was KO as a result . I never saw any player getting kO on a pitch invasion before , only on rocks . Is it because he has a secret weapon? The loney was still on the pitch tho ( on the floor like most of my team)
The loren florists vs minus master

Thanks for your help..

From the rules:

"Pitch Invasion: Both coaches roll a D6 for each
opposing player on the pitch and add their FAME
(see page 18) to the roll. If a roll is 6 or more after
modification then the player is Stunned (players with
the Ball & Chain skill are KO'd
). A roll of 1 before
adding FAME will always have no effect."