CTE 1.6 About ACE / TAVOR 7 (And please bring the "FOREGRIP" Back)

TAVOR 7 has too huge vertical and horizontal recoil. Even heavier than machine gun. It like a shotgun when shooting in long range, and i also need to use 5 cost to unlock it XP.
ACE is better than TAVOR 7, but still not good enough. I think accuracy is more important than damge in sandstorm. So player have better chooice (like MK18,L85 and MK17, or i can change occupation to use AKM, FAL).It make ACE so awkward. Their recoil need to improve.
And one more thing, about Firing rate.600rpm for TAVOR 7(same like MK17 and AKM), really???? I think that is really too low for her. And this low firing rate
also make terrible feel.

I don't think this is a correct grip. It's look so strange. Maybe this is the reason why ACE recoil is so high, and so unstable when you shoot(Laugh). In the other hand, this grip makes the Protective Chips useless.
If you put the Laser on, Protective Chips will be took off. Which means your guys made and equip the Protective Chips, but your don't let player grip them.That looks stupid.
alt text
If player can grip ACE like this, i think it will be more comfortable when we see in the game.
alt text
If the "Tripod" and "Laser" models cause that strange grip, i think you can make two kinds of type. Or make some grip models, let player can chooice the grip type as they want.(That's why i suggest to bring the "FOREGRIP" back)

ADD note
I hope the animation(picture) can be used by ACE 30 rounds magazine.
It's look so comfortable and nice. I really don't like the animation for now. It's lack of characteristics, and that fast reload animation seems like MK17.
alt text

Please bring the "FOREGRIP" Back.
alt text
Even if "FOREGRIP" data same like "Vertical Grip", i really want it back. It can give us different feel. And Different Tactical Grip is soooooooooo cool.
I already played sandstorm 800H since Beta, i really like this game, and sandstorm has many cool characteristics(like tap "R"x2 to "fast reload"). I hope sandstorm can be better. Please don't delete it, please!!! QAQ

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alt text
alt text

These are both a scar with more recoil so these guns make no sense to use ever.

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@Grave Yeah, you are right. TAVOR 7 's sound and feel is really close to Scar. And ACE seem like Gail. COST 5 is too high for them in CTE. If they don't improve the recoil and feel, i think there will be no many player want to use them in 1.6 official.