beautiful and a pain in the ass ...

nothing has changed;
you provide a beautiful map that is fun to explore and play on (I only play coop hardcore),
and your technical implementation of specific restrictions for the cte is terrible:

  • your can´t tell which version is which, instead, all variants (normal, hardcore, frenzy) are displayed with the same descriptor and graphic
  • you cannot specify which team to play on, hence you exit out of a round time and again until you find the one you want

moreover, actually game related,

  • you can´t tell team members apart (the role icon is not displayed when you list with tab)

also, you might have chosen a "freebie weekend" for the cte because the player base, small as it is, now is even devided into two groups and that is ... well, you know what I mean ... 😡

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ugly map terrible textures

@Grave you already said so in a previous post