Just, why are the new guns so bad?

Why the new advisor weapon has to be garbage? They cost more points and have more recoil than rifleman battle rifles, and the only advantage I can think about them is being able to install suppressors.
But suppressors are the ability of advisor, and if being able to be used by a certain class in an advantage, then sniper exclusive weapons should cost more points because you can attach bipods, suppressors and sniper scopes on them, but Mk14 and SVD, having more power than battle rifles, still only cost 5 points. Other weapons exclusive to suppressor classes also do not have this problem.
Here are some idea of fixing these weapons:
Buff the damage to be able to one-shot a light armored enemy at point-blank
or Reduce the cost by 2 because they're not any better than Mk17
or reduce the recoil to the same as Mk14

The recoil is supposed to be as insane and unrealistic as possible in this game, that's why. 😛

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No other weapon except MGs has THIS insane recoil.