I have been playing since the beta (I have my bug-hunter tattoo and everything) and while I have been enjoying the game looking-over countless unbalance issues and exploits, the auto-balance feature is just BS. It's not fair, It does not help the losing team and it makes the game really infuriating.
I know that you need a way to make it fair for both teams to play in equal terms but you need to punish the ones that leave a match, not the ones actually playing it.
As you know, it is unfortunately common for people to just leave the game once their team is losing badly, and they keep doing this because there is no punishment whatsoever for leavers (other that not gaining XP which is barely an inconvenience) instead, one or more members of the winning team get unfairly swapped not only losing matches but also losing the sweet XP bonus for winning. IT IS INFURIATING.
And I am sure that you know this does not work either way because each time that someone gets swapped to the losing team, the frustration just makes us leave the game anyway.
Just imagine being at the top of the scoreboard, with 3 OBJs capped or pushing to blow up to enemy cache after making friends with everyone in your squad and suddenly out of nowhere you get swapped to the losing team, and you do not even get to spawn to try and do something when there are 0 waves left.
In at least 8 out of 10 games, this happens when I play and even when it is my team losing and someone of the other team gets swapped, players always complain and leave the match, doubling the total number of players that leave. What's worst, recently a lot of players that get swapped just start team-killing out of rage before they get kicked.
Auto-balance is not the solution! You need to effectively punish/ban leavers, maybe make it so that they cannot Queue another match for an hour, demote them, make a strike system... BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY do not punish players that stay and work together as a team to win a match, do not force players to swap teams and expect them to just play along nicely when you take the victory out of their hands because some other dude decided to rage quit.
Maybe make it optional and ask for people to change team giving them a boost in XP to compensate the win bonus, maybe ask first and still make it counts as a victory for them after a certain time has passed, at the very least make the swap after the round is finished so you can end the game and get the win with your squad.
The reason we play this game is that it is hard and unforgiving, you need to think quickly and tactic, work as a team, communicate, and be a skilled shot which brings utmost satisfaction and accomplishment when you win. With auto-balance, you are making the game a frustrating and unsatisfactory experience.
Hell, it's not even that bad when your whole team leaves and its only 3 guys on your team vs 10 defending the cache because it feels epic and honorable, the satisfaction in every kill doubles and the defeat feels less shitty because you know there was no chance.

I know this is a long rant but auto-balance just ruins the fun and joy that this game once brought not only me but a lot of other players and that is ultimately reflected in the fact that each day the total amount of players in pvp decreases.

PD. Maybe teams wouldn't be crushed so frustratingly causing players to leave if the teams were actually balanced.... it is all too common to have a squad of ten 300+ level players vs a squad of ten freshers level 1-50.