I've been playing with the L85A2 a lot and I've noticed quite some bugs in the weapon while shooting it at the Range.

Firstly, the selector switch. When you switch between Semi and Full rapidly, most of the time the animation won't show and just jump to the next mode. Like, from Full to Semi without the character reaching behind and actually toggling the switch. And the worst of all, when the Bipod or Foregrip Bipod attachment is deployed on a surface, and you switch between fire modes, there's NO animation at all and it just jumps to the next fire mode. Note: some other weapons in the game also has this issue; not all though.

Secondly, the reload animation stages (I just found this one out literally a few minutes ago). There's nothing wrong with the normal reload animations. But when you do it in stages: mag dropped, switch weapons, switch back, insert mag, switch weapons again, switch back again (You can skip the second weapon switch if you want to. Not sure will this bug work or not though. Haven't tested this bug without the second weapon switch), the character's hand has a stroke while hitting the mag release and then finally, pushing the charging handle into battery.

So dear developers, I love this game and the weapon a lot. Please fix these issues. Thank you so much! I'll either edit this post or post a new one if I find new bugs for the weapon. Have a nice day y'all!

Yours Faithfully,