Make competitive better

I would like to see a different game mode on competitive, firefight just isn't working. We need a 1 life game mode for comp, maybe a hostage extract like the show VGHS(season 3). I believe it will bring more of a players to comp, ,mainly because it would have a more tactical approach and communication would be better when you only have the one life. I would love to see comp back and better than before, please make this a thing or just give it a trial period. Couldn't hurt the game!!

hostage extract was a cool gamemode ins 14

making temporary exclusive gamemodes for competitive might help too

Competitive doesn't need temporary stuff. A real competitive scene relies on consistency and strategy.

I think they should take CSGO as an example. Small carefully crafted (possibly exclusive to competitive mode) maps, maybe two different competitive game modes that need to stay the same throughout time. Destroy the cache (manually, not with nades/C4/IED) and hostage extraction, perhaps ?

Also, a limited number of weapons (and attachements) that all have a different gameplay to offer, and a focus on infantry combat, which means no vehicles nor air support, which is too random for competitive.

Competitive needs to be disciplined and require skill, not immediate "fun" and temporary things. Being competitive requires time investment, and a real learning curve, which can't exist if game modes are temporary.

Not temporary but a game mode that isn't on casual would be good..only play hostage extract or bomb on comp not on casual

Limited weapons and attachments is a great idea and also no support calls

Would really like to see Ambush make a comeback

This game has great potential to have a amazing comp mode, we just need people to get it to the devs and atleast do a trial period.. each week for a month try a new comp mode then at the end of the trial have a vote on which should stay in comp