Really enjoying this game

I'm just 7 hours in but I'm loving this game so far. My favourite game ever is Dragon Age: Origins and this game really seems to be inspired in a sense by it. Since in Spain the universities have been quarantined I will be having some fun these next days.

My only complaints up to this point (haven't left New Serenne yet, been doing side quests) are that movement is a bit clunky, companions not having as much dialogue as I thought and some minor issues like the game not considering time (merchants never sleeping and this kind of stuff). But for the rest its awesome. The aesthetics bring XVII century Europe to mind, the factions are great and so are the characters. I'm hoping that the main plot will be as good as everything else.

Hello! I actually registered here to say the same thing 🙂

I've got the game a couple of days ago and so far I am loving it. I've played several of your games in the past. Namely, Of Orcs and Men and Bound by Flame. Honestly, I hated them. Both of them had some nice qualities, but overall they were not pleasant experiences. GreedFall seems to be your first game that doesn't suck (quite the opposite, it rocks), so congratulations. I hope you guys (Spiders) can grow to become a renowned RPG developer that delivers great games. I sincerely wish you higher budgets for your next games so you don't have to cut corners as much.

As far as feedback goes, I realize you were limited in what you can do. But with GreedFall I think you should have pushed harder on the aesthetical differences between The Congregation, Teleme and Bridge Alliance. Currently they all share mostly the same architecture, which is meh.

Also you should have done a much, much better job at the Natives accents. With voice acting being okay to good most of the game, the natives accents feel like razors in my ears. Next time please hire a competent linguist to come up with accents as they are quite an important part of immersion.

Lastly, something you could (and should) have done with no increased budget is more HUD customization. RPGs are supposed to be immersive. For me part of immersion is having as few HUD elements as possible (none, preferrably). You have HUD presets, but that's still not enough. I'd like to be able to toggle individual elements on and off. And make others as non-intrusive as possible.

Also, NPCs need schedules. Gothic figured it out back in 2001. If you want your world to be believeable, you need to make NPCs make sense. Not just walk around, but actually have schedules.

Other than that, great game. I am loving it.

Oh also, why'd you have to go and cover everything in brown filter? It looks crappy guys, honestly. Nothing a ReShade can't fix on PC, but console gamers aren't as lucky.

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