Hi everyone. I'm playing A Plague Tale on Xbox Game Pass PC. I've been really enjoying it, in one day I've already made it to Chapter 13. Huge issue though. As soon as I started Chapter 13 and moved forward, I fell off of the edge of the map and got stuck. So I backed out to try and reload the game and play normally. Problem is, it's actually impossible for me to load into the game anymore. It's always stuck at the loading screen. Even after a full system rest. Since it's on Game Pass, I can't verify the game files. And since it doesn't have Cloud Saves, if I uninstall to try and fix the problem, I'll lose all my progress.

Any ideas? I've tried loading any chapter, still won't work. It's always just trapped in the loading screen. The "smoke" effect in the background of the loading screen is fine, not frozen, but the ambient audio does cut out often and for a long while. If that matters any.