General bugs

  1. Falling from big heights will sometimes put the player in a constantly staggering/ falling animation (fixed by vaulting or jumping)
  2. Sprinting right after/during the start of the aiming animation will cause the player weapon to spin around a bit (this is apparent with scoped weapons being thrown in a spinning frenzy.
  3. Sometimes after dying while using a weapon, you will not re spawn with that weapon (happens mostly with pistols but I have had primary weapons disappear (fixed by resupplying)
  4. When using melee attack (knife, punch, bash) on pots, vases, windows, etc the asset will visually disappear but the asset hit box will remain causing the player to stutter in the position where assets were (fixed by shooting the invisible space the assets where held) this poses a big issue that you can not “stealthily” go through a window by knifing it out as you could in insurgency 1 and hinders certain aspects of tactical PVP game play.
  5. When reloading the AKM there is a chance the reload animation will not play but you are still reloading.
  6. Bots will b-line it to you if you lose sight of them for a few seconds and when they get to your position they have incredible aim and speed.
  7. Bots seem to not calculate vertical distance and angle into their accuracy which pretty much makes all vertical engagements end with you getting instant head shot even if your FOV to the bot was way above them.
  8. I have had many cases where a bot is shooting at me but not looking at me (this may be related to a bots class because this mainly happens at large engagement distances).
  9. Bots will melee attack you instantly without the delay of any melee animations while to attack them back you have to use e.g. knifing animation to attack them. This is probably to avoid the awkwardness of a bot running around you trying to melee you (due to the short knife range) but is very unfair if you happen to get in a 1v1 melee battle against a bot because they will most likely instr-kill you.
  10. seems to be a UI error in the tab menu where you cant see or can only partially see team members classes.
  11. new change load out and change class tool-tips overlap with tab menu.
  12. Tab menu says player is dead when they are alive.
  13. New bot spawning can be abused to quickly reach the next point before the bots reach you skipping the new spawn wave or reaching an undefended point.
  14. Tapping F to resupply does not work as intended anymore.

Gun de-sync
It appears that the only guns that suffer from de-sync are shotguns and bolt-action snipers. From my experience, a lot of gun de-sync is server-side and accelerated by spamming left click. From my experience servers with over 30 bots tend to have more de-sync than official servers it can also be mentioned that a lot of people who use shotguns and bolt action snipers spam click fire to cycle and shoot a bit faster than the automatic default animation.

  1. Sometimes after firing two repeated real rounds, only one round would be used (sometimes the second round will also be used up a but would only register on the ammo counter a few seconds after firing.
  2. Sometimes after shooting two repeated rounds one of the shots would be a ghost round and the ammo counter would only register one shot being fired even after going through 2 firing animations.
  3. If clicking enough while firing the shotgun the gun could get into a locked state where it could not be fired or reloaded (fixed by swapping to secondary and back again.)
    1.) sometimes while loading in rounds into a shotgun the round would not be registered as been loaded even though the animation would indicate that the round had well been loaded and the animation would be ended.

Bolt action snipers

  1. same issue as shotgun reloading (rounds not being registered as loaded even after the animation played.
  2. Default reloading animation would attempt to load in a 6th round at the end of the animation.

Coop Spawning bugs
Most of the spawning issues are in custom coop games with over 30 bots but happen consistently across different custom server

  1. Crossing coop security custom game, if a new player joins the game during the taking of point B, upon re spawning the player that just joined would not re spawn in the cave even if they spectated the taking of B for more than 5 mins.
  2. Farmhouse coop security 10 or more players custom game, in first spawn area when not using the truck as initial spawn, players could spawn in towers with 3 people stacked on top of each other. The same thing happens after taking A, if enough people re spawn, then there is a chance that they would spawn in tower and glitch into the roof of the spawn building and potentially get permanently stuck. (fixed by re-joining lobby or in some cases spamming movement until dislodged from the ceiling)
  3. Ministry coop security/insurgents, upon taking point c, an enemy spawn wave would spawn directly in front of your team spawn causing mass spawn deaths (this only occurs in custom games with over 30 bots
  4. Last point insurgents’ coop, bots would spawn on top of the metal roofing and trucks on the last point as well as behind the building behind the last point where you couldn’t access (fixed by using intimidate to locate bots then shoot randomly through the walls to kill the bots to begin the final counter-attack. (this only occurs in custom games with over 30 bots)


  1. Please Bring back spawn protection for coop but make it timer-based e.g. 5 secs and not permanent safe zones like it was implemented before because there are still many cases where if you take out a point really early you will spawn right next to bots resulting with spawn deaths.
  2. Please add more pistols, a revolver would be fun.
  3. Please bring back the infinite spawn catch for the initial spawn in coop because a lot of hardcore RP community players take upwards of 10 min to take even the first point and frequently resupply.
  4. Please buff the reload animation of bolt snipers even slightly, to make them a more competitive option from the M14 or SKS that are arguably tenfold better. (even comparing the reload speed of insurgency 1 to sandstorm it feels really slow).
  5. BRING BACK THE TECHNICAL IN COOP! The technical is probably the most iconic/defining aspect of the game after the Heli’s and to see it removed from coop really sucks especially because a large amount of the sandstorm community are coop only (including myself). I get that the technical is buggy and performance-hungry but for a lot of the coop community, playing around with the technical was one of the most fun things you could with your friends in sandstorm. To see the technical gone seems to be a step in the wrong direction.
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