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Hello SnowRunners,

Step into the garage and craft yourself a monster!

The vehicle customization in SnowRunner is extensive. We’ve made sure you can tailor your vehicle to your specifications, be it cosmetically or for practical purposes. In this article we’ll give you a run-down of all the ways in which you can customize your vehicle to make sure it’s prepared for the wide range of hazardous environments you’ll traverse - and don’t mind the smell of motor oil and the sound of engines, that’s normal here.

Below you will find a list of all the main parts you can customize on your vehicle that have a gameplay impact, but keep in mind that each vehicle has a different set of available modifications.


The engine is the heart of your machine, and affects a whole range of stats, including speed, torque, durability, and fuel consumption. But as the saying goes, with great power comes great fuel consumption… sometimes!

alt text
Climbing a mountain with a 30-ton truck requires some serious juice and a fairly casual hold on sanity.


Switching out your gearbox can gain you additional control. In some cases, such as when off-roading and driving through mud, having additional low gears can be a big advantage. Your gearbox can also affect your fuel consumption.


If you’re heading into uneven, rocky terrain, a raised suspension can do wonders for avoiding damage to your vehicle (and your spine). Some larger wheels require a raised suspension.

alt text
You can also just watch your car bounce a bit.


There’s a tire for every terrain. You can also get the all-terrain wheel, a jack of all trades, and when you head into the snow, make sure to get some chains on those bad boys. Tires affect your vehicle’s traction and handling.

Frame Addons

The type of frame addons that are available depend a lot on your vehicle. Scouts often have support equipment, like spare wheels or a fuel and repair kit. Larger tractors have a whole range of equipment, ranging from flatbeds, fuel tanks, and cranes to more specialized equipment like the Seismic Vibrator Module, which allows you to search for oil.

alt text
If you look closely, you can see the suspension shifting between the loads.

Differential Lock and All-Wheel-Drive Capability

While some vehicles have Diff. Lock and AWD on by default, and some can switch it on and off, other vehicles require a trip to the garage to acquire this valuable capability. As you may have seen in our weekly vehicle presentations on social media and here on the forums, Diff. Lock and AWD can either be:

  • Always On (it’s on there for good)
  • Switchable
  • Unavailable
  • Or Upgradable (meaning it needs to be installed)

AWD means your vehicle can use all of its wheels (no rocket science there).

Diff. Lock is a little trickier. With Diff. Lock off, you will be able to take turns slightly better, while if it is on, you will have an advantage on uneven terrain.

What Diff. Lock does is force or prevent your wheels from turning at the same speed. If your wheels are forced to turn at the same speed, you’ll be disadvantaged in turns because the outer wheel will naturally want to turn more than the inner wheel (it covers a longer distance). This however also allows more power to go into a single wheel if it is the only one touching ground.


Last but by no means least is the snorkel, which allows you to traverse water without drowning your engine. Keep an eye on the top of that snorkel though, don’t let it dip below the surface!

alt text

And there you have it - your guide to turning your favorite vehicle into a beast! Remember that no vehicle is impervious or suited to all terrains and tasks. Depending on your goal, you might want to consider specializing. Do you need more power or fuel efficiency? All-terrain wheels, or off-road? Snorkel, or no snor - actually, always go for the snorkel. The snorkel is awesome.

See you in the snow!

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Awesome news. Keep up the good work!

Big lift. Big tires. Lockers. Snorkel. Boom. Just what I wanted to do in mudrunner. Thanks!!

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Nice presentation! Those tire marks are kind of strange though. Are the truck tires soaked in oil?

alt text

Show a video where manual gearbox is in use. 😎

as being talked about in another thread, what is the deal with the winch upgrade tab?

@DUPREY said in Watch the massive new Overview Trailer!:

right below where is says tires
again i dont know what it means i just have my theory

@8up-local maybe it'll be a upgrade system you have to find in the wild that'll change the length of the winch or maybe you can now how multiple winches but they are weaker as a result. It could possibly be a visual customization like changing how the winch looks

@kingnightshadow said in Gameplay Customization Blog:

@8up-local maybe it'll be a upgrade system you have to find in the wild that'll change the length of the winch or maybe you can now how multiple winches but they are weaker as a result. It could possibly be a visual customization like changing how the winch looks

people, do you know that MOST of SR vehicles DONT!!!!! have even the front winch as a default equipment! It must be installed as an upgrade, and IN many cases - as non-official upgrade, weak mostly.

AND!!!!!! 9 of 10 vehicles CANT have rear winch!!!
just cant and whats all!

and ALL ALL!!! vehicles CANT have any side winches....
as for trailer and semitrailer winches - its a shame that simulator game have it(

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@Stazco it is a game lol even spintires has winches all over the place and to be fair, if I was doing the kinda jobs we will see in game, if have a winch installed front and back on my trucks

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im sure the game was created and designed to be close to rl as much as possible, and idea was - if you stuck, you try to use a winch (if it available and there are natural points to attach it), but in most cases, especially if you are loaded (winch is limited in load and quite fragile ), you ask for help from another vehicle!
why to have 40 vehicles? to create collection like in arcade racing games?...
or to be able to choose appropriate vehicle for particular course, and if you stuck (being risky and taken weak vehicle for the job, or being unlucky, not skilled, or!!!, being masochist like me), you have the variety of options to take another vehicle and spend time for rescue mission?
i believe THIS variant, not shining collection

but someone came and said - well, lets make it almost impossible to stuck without a winch, and ABSOLUTELY impossible to stuck using the “spider-man all around magic winch”!
he was very insistent and we have that we have - arcade mr...
i hope this idiot left the company and SR will be like it was supposed to be...

I am curious how the manual transmission would work with a twin stick setup in a truck - like a 5 and 4?

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@Stazco it is turning out how it's was supposed to turn. It's you who isn't getting the hardcore experience they want, can't you weaken the winch in the game files? It's been many many years since I gamed on a computer but I do remember changing values to make things behave better. Sorry if this came across as dickish

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@64Pacific maybe? I saw on Amazon and USB gear switcher for use with racing wheels. If it works it would be a great way to simulate shifting the truck

@Unster said in Gameplay Customization Blog:

...Those tire marks are kind of strange though. Are the truck tires soaked in oil?

Probably light reflection on the wet mud .
You can see in the same gif moving clouds, and even some tree movement , which is nice .

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Well, you can always ignore unrealistic ways of using the winch and use only those closest to realism.
But if it will be as you said and the simulation will be simplified for everyone, so that it will be very difficult to get stuck, so also in situations where this should happen, it will be very bad. In this case, I probably won't buy the game at all😒

@knight25 that isn't the case. The game will be realistic in if your stupid you'll stay stuck. If your smart and learn your vehicles limitations and how to avoid the deep and messy areas best you can, then you won't be stuck. I think @Stazco wont be happy till they oust 99.99% of the fan base to cater to .1% that won't this to be as hard as dark souls. Where if you pull into a paved road your stuck. If you pull on a dirt road your stuck, where if you even think of the mud your stuck. The game from what we've seen is the most realistic off road simulator to date. Now to make it harder by making mud worse would be reducing the simulation into the arcade because real life mud and ice isn't that bad. I've been in both many many times and had no issues other then being stupid and forgetting which side was the deep side in the standing water lol you wouldn't believe how refreshing water can be when your suddenly pockets deep in it during the winter

@Unster said in Gameplay Customization Blog:

Nice presentation! Those tire marks are kind of strange though. Are the truck tires soaked in oil?

alt text

Take a look at the GIF. If you only look continually look at the right corner of the GIF, you will notice once the GIF repeads, that the tire marks dry somehow. I guess that there was some mud or oil splash before. Somewhere behind the trees on the right.

@kingnightshadow I will have to search online and see what I can find, something like that would really add to the experience. What has me curious is if it is possible to have multiple reverse gears; with my truck which I am currently modelling to bring into Spintires there is ability to have four reverse gears.