I don't know if this is the right place. Couldn't find anywhere else.

A few things I noticed while playing the beta.

Bugs (on Mac OS 10.11.6)

  • Overall, it seemed to be working a little better than the base game, which was good.

  • The font for the chat breaks sometimes. It gets too big and makes the chat unuseable. A bit like the kyrilic font used to behave. Can only fix it by restarting the game.

  • I could not concede a match when my opponent timed out during the phase where I get to pick the coin toss result. Didn't feel like waiting and had to force quit the game, restart and not continue the match.

  • Kislev: When they are in the injurie or KO box, it always seemed to be the catcher model for every player lying there.

Cosmetic things (highly subjective)

I played the kislev and amazons in the beta and liked both a lot.

  • The kislev costumes are a little blunt. Just solid colors for most of them. They could use a little more texture like the chaos dwarfes have. It's minor, but it was a little letdown for me when I made my team.

  • I'm not the biggest fan of the presentation of the amazons. They are a little heavy on the sexual side, which is fine, but they are not really badass tribal ladies that kick butts that way. But the constant moaning is a little much.

  • A few more and darker skin tones for them would be nice. Would seem fitting for this team.

  • Please make that death roller dwarf turn of the thing when he is not on the pitch. He drowns every other sound and that is extremely annoying. I had to put my headphones away and play without sound to be a able to concentrate and finish the match. Blood bowl depends on the sound quite a lot and you did a good job to help make the game readable trough it.

Otherwise, good job and thanks for letting us play the beta for a few days. Looking forward to the finished LE.

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