Map editor won't open.

Let them shaders compile (see what it is doing via Task manager), if you have low-end CPU it will take quite a bit of time.

I have an AMD 8350 8 core, 16gm ram, windows 7, Asus GTX 970 Strix. I can run UE4 & it opens almost instantly & only uses 37% cpu. When I open this it loads to 45% & uses 100% cpu. Something is wrong here. I'll let it run longer & see what happens I guess. I let it run for 5 minutes last night & nothing ever happened.

Holy shitbucket batman! It only took 20 minutes to open! XD

Well I got it to run but it uses 100% cpu & takes forever to load anything. I loaded up the checkpoint example map & after taking 10 minutes to compile shaders, when I tried to test play it everything froze up. There is something seriously wrong with the map editor.

thing is, 16 GB is the absolute minimum for the thing to start; you may have a look at stuff if you´re patient but forget about editing anything ... 😞
I won´t even look into it before having upped to at least 32 GB RAM ...

Shit I can run UE4 till the cows come home with giant landscapes. Something has to be screwed up.

It's just that it needs to compile the shaders first, and that can take quite some time depending on how powerful your CPU is^^

I let the shaders compile. I got the example level open. It compiles shaders again. CPU stays between 95% & 100%. I tried to play test the example map & everything just freezes up. I imported the height map from GTA V into UE4 & can run around & shoot & everything with no problems. There is no reason this editor should run so bad.