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@8x8 I am curious as well and will have to do some research but I believe that the elliptical cross section of gasoline tankers was to prevent evaporation by minimizing the surface area of the fuel in contact with the air inside the tank while maximizing volume with respect to density - the tanks are probably limited to only 90% full so that there is expansion room.

Imagine this being a tanker instead of missile. Also 3x fire extinguisher (just in case).


@djgromo That picture is so typical Russia. 😝

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@djgromo That picture is so typical Russia. 😝

80% of us are soooo proud of this military shit what we are happy to have 188 € wage as a criteria of MIDDLE class!)))

@Stazco damn 😃

tyical russian conversation:
"dad what do we have today for dinner?"
"go outside son and take those ural spare parts in, add some malako and eat it"

😃 😃 😃

@thombuggy idk man it sounded funny to me 😃

As my friend once said:
It is amazing what are russians likely to build, rather than roads...

My dad was Hungarian. One of my favourite jokes from him:

Have you ever seen a Russian dwarf?

They're F***ing HUGE!

@djgromo yeah, 3 fire extinguishers should cover it, right? 😉

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@djgromo yo the truck in the photo is a mod of mudrunner on mudrunnermods.com

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This has me curious. So do we even get a winch at all by default, or do we need to buy it?

We know the Chevy 1500 is our default start vehicle (makes sense since game starts in America), imagine if starting off all we have is just a bare bone pickup truck. No diff (just regular open 4X4), no winch, etc. Game could be a lot more treacherous then we think.

btw off topic. Would the 1500 realistically have diff or not? I know new trucks have all kinds of 4X4 settings be in 4X4 high, 4X4 low, diff on, diff off, etc. But older trucks like that was a lot more basic right? Did they have lockers back then, or was it only open 4X4 on/off?

Check this out, I dove into the interwebs and took a trip back to 1991 and found this brochure for Chevy trucks: http://www.auto-brochures.com/makes/Chevrolet/Silverado/Chevrolet_US Truck_1991.pdf

Scroll down to page 29 and there are the options for the full size trucks, looks like the locking differential was an option available on all trim levels.

Growing up we had a '91 K2500, from what I recall it had a Posi-Track rear end, not quite a full locker and not quite an open differential.

This looks so good to watchseriesonline and all such content online.

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