March Community Update

@lcole21 yes
I guess it’s just mentioned here just about 263 times.
Please use the search!

@lcole21 said in March Community Update:

Can you use game wheels in this game?

I'm pretty sure you could do so in MudRunner, so I am fairly certain you will be able to in SnowRunner.
But then again, I'm not one of the devs so I can't say for sure.

@lcole21 Q: What wheels and peripherals will be supported by SnowRunner?
Testing for all our planned peripherals has unfortunately been delayed due to the COVID-19 virus. We can confirm that popular wheels from Thrustmaster, Logitech, and others will be available but not fully compatible at launch. We will provide a detailed list of all the specific wheels once testing has been fully completed after launch.

@Jellyfoosh ok i ran the update, i load in and all of my trucks are gone except two, ok so i go with a previous online save that dropped me from level 19 to 10, ok i had friends saying they would help me get back up,..well in two hours i blue screened 6 the game please, i want my stuff but guess its all gone now, the game is worse now then it was before you messed with and it was unplayable then. now its garbage

I also have this same question and i cannot find any proper answers on the internet and also here. need solution.