Just finished the game.

Whilst it had some flaws and not everything was as brilliant as it could of been and some stuff was repetitive, This is easily spiders best game yet I played bound by flame which was enjoyable however i could never beat the last boss. And played the technomancer a bit. Greedfall has a great story that actually had me hooked, and has great lore, ideas and scenery. I dislike open world games because they are too big and stress me out. So i loved the sectioned maps of this game. Combat was decent, sometimes i’d avoid fighting if bored. Fighting the nadaig was always fun and sometimes a decent challenge. There were few quests where they really felt epic, especially the last one having all your companions with you. To summarise, I can’t wait to see what Spiders bring out next, because Greedfall was a pretty smashing game in my opinion

Hello @BrysonParker . Thank you very much for your honesty. See you on future games. 🙂