Hello, since patch 1.6 has been released my game has been running quite badly, usually I get around half the FPS I would normally get, despite having put my settings to the lowest possible. I have since deleted the ini files, which is a common community suggested fix, and I have also reinstalled the game. I am the type of player that puts his settings low enough to get above 80 consistently because that is my preference. Since the update, the game has been running so badly for me, that that is no longer possible regardless of the video settings I choose. Before the patch everything has been running about as well as I would have asked of a UE4 game, but now with my FPS consistently in the 50s, with 70ish at the most when nothing is on screen, the game has become unplayable for me. I have included my DXDiag below. I am aware that my CPU is underclocked to 3 GHZ, but that was fine before the patch. Has the CPU load of this game increased since the patch, and if so, why? Is that not the opposite of optimization if the requirements rise while the game itself stays the same? Thank you in advance.

Edit: I have since overclocked my CPU to 3.5 GHZ and it changed nothing. Messed around a bit more with fullscreen, borderless, texture streaming and a bunch of other stuff to no avail. My FPS are still around 50-60 ish on lower than even the lowest preset (mainly shadow resolution lowered). It does not seem to be related to my GPU at all. My drivers are all up to date as well as Windows itself.
I also want to add that my CPU utilization in the task manager is around 20% during gameplay while my FPS stay dogshit regardless of how low I put the settings.


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