Active Spectate mode/bot for streaming content without user input

We could really use an active spectate option that will switch thru players on it's own so we can stream matches/content and not have to actively monitor it. Currently, if you are spectating a player and they die or the round ends - it just sits on a dead screen until you click thru it. The active mode/bot should progressively switch thru players as a round persists and attempt to capture firefights based on objectives or proximity to the opposing team. Obviously this won't be perfect or capture every fight as there's too much going on, but something would be nice. At the end of each round it should show the scoreboard for a few seconds (probably just after the MVP screen is displayed).

It would make casting a lot easier, the source version of Insurgency had a basic version of Source TV built in where if you enabled it the server would automatically change the player you're watching and even do a bit of third person/free camera stuff. Even just it switching between players would be awesome.

Yesss they need a SandstormTV that'd be great