Please consider improving the end-of-round (mvp) screen

Currently, the end-of-round screen which shows things like Most Captures/Most Kills/MVP/Kobe (5 kills, 1 grenade), etc is very erratic and hit-or-miss. No matter which team wins - it should always show MVP (highest score from whichever side won the round) Most Kills - Most Objectives - and then a spot for unique achievements such as the Kobe achievement or getting so many kills with an iron-sight bolt-action rifle.

I've seen it in Competitive Firefight where 1 person sits on an objective and captures the entire thing by themselves while another player pulled off a crazy play and got an ace (killed all 5 opposing players) and the end-of-round screen gave 3 awards all to the guy who sat on the objective. I'm not saying the guy sitting on the objective is worthless (he did his part to win the round), but the end-of-round screen has enough real-estate to give both players some love.

I'm sure this would probably be considered low priority - but it is something that could be improved to highlight more players after each round/match.

Screen in question:

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I feel like this needs improvement. Also wording things differently. It is worded awkwardly when it says killed defenders when you are defending the obj you just captured... stuff like that. I have also seen it not bring up the most kills for someone, but bring it up for someone who had less or only one, when i have had 2 or 3.