vehicles present legal issue

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Yo, NWI.
You sold the game with vehicles.
We loved it.
We had the vehicles available throughout all maps (we play coop only so I cannot say for other game variants)
We set up two community servers.
Our community loved them.
You took away the vehicles just like that, and we have been commenting and waiting patiently to no avail.
We are thinking about bringing this case to the european commission for consumer protection.
We want the vehicles and we do not care if this might frighten new players on consoles ...
We need an answer now!

This post is deleted!

We are thinking about bringing this case to the european commission for consumer protection

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Yeah, do that. Make a fool of yourself ! Some people, I swear...

Meeeeh, I don't like the new update, I'll take you to court ! Fear me, for I am the almighty consumer and I deserve your complete respect and attention !

@Grumf the fool is you if you like being stripped off of a product you have paid for. might be you don´t care, so why do you care to comment on my legit complaint?

LOL have you hired a lawyer already?

@bahzooga C'mon my dude, u gonna start legal threats because of some vehicles in a computer game. I am sure NWI has some writing in their disclaimer where they notify consumers that the game may change and that you as a consumer accept that, hope u check that detail up front=)

People using legal threats in scenarios like this typically are just hoping for a response that they will be taken seriously.

In my old job I recall from time to time I would get an escalated call from a customer who was either transferred to me by accident or somehow got my number. They would start off by threatening our company with a lawsuit before I could even address their issue.

Our company policy was to immediately cease interacting and let them know that we will be forwarding their case to our legal team.

The funny thing was that they felt the only way they could be taken seriously was to make legal threats. Well, we did take those threats seriously regardless if we knew it was frivolous and as such, we had to let our legal team handle them as credible. ....which usually had the complete, opposite effect in getting any kind of resolution to their actual problem especially when they faced the reality that they had no case.

At that point they always back peddled and I was typically able to resolve their issue that day.

@bahzooga, I highly doubt you have a case but you do have feedback that's worth as much as anyone elses. Instead of making threats why not simply voice your opinion as to why they should keep vehicles in the game? Also, I would suggest submitting your question to them in the next live stream to see what their reasoning is and if they plan to add them back in later.

Making legal threats like this will get you no where especially if you have no ground to stand on. Companies make changes all the time like this removing certain mechanics and adding new ones that change the way people are able to play their game.

@Kean_1 you are absolutely right with your statement.
i would like this to be handled seriously, and nwi is doing the opposite, as usual, and that is why i pulled the last string.
they hardly answered to any of the community´s questions ever; i cannot recall having received anything else than text modules like "i have forwarded this matter to the team" w/o getting a real response.
and seriously, i would not try to address such complicated matter in a live-stream where dozens of finger-twiggling console wizards want their urgent issues resolved; i am too old for this, i have time.
i personally run two servers and i know of half a dozen more that were the most frequented community servers out there because we had the vehicles available throughout the entire game.
now nwi turns around, focussing the console players, fearing that the vehicles may be too difficult to integrate into the console version. ok, so? i could not care less.
the console players are an entirely different group of players and i do not see the platforms merge, at least not for this game.
so, what we are asking for is simply a way to keep the game that we bought and wanted and that has been taken away, and i think that is a legal issue.
the general terms and conditions do not apply against european consumer law so there might be a case actually if it were in germany. in spain, even though it is technically in europe, it´s a different story ...


Well, just trying to help out. I've received / found answers to my questions on the live streams and all I can say is that your assumptions are nothing like what my experience has been with them. In fact, most have been devoted to PC players / gameplay with little being discussed on the console front simply because there are no details to share.

......I do find it odd that you don't have time try other avenues like watching and/or participating in the Q&A to get answers to your questions but then you have no problem spending the effort it is going to take to bring legal action against NWI.

That makes no sense to me but let us know how that works out for ya.