What happened to Blood Bowl 3??

Since the anouncement in May 2019 we have not heard anything new? I s this game even still in development? Anybody?

They (Cyanide) removed the initial tweet within a couple of days, probably because they jumped the gun in talking about it, and since then there's been radio silence, both from Cyanide, GW and whichever publisher is doing it this time (wasn't Focus iirc).

Doesn't seem like they're working on this version either, given the unanswered tech questions.

I think yesterday's BB2020 tabletop rules leak suggests that BB3 is very much on the cards.


I predict TT by Xmas and BB3 by April to hit the financial year.

The book looks good. Has GW ever reissued any items before? I know were talking BB3 videogame, but having a new rules book and box set released after most of the teams are out of stock seems backwards.

I would anticipate a full release with the 2016 teams being restocked and at least some of those missing from the line-up getting a new release.

It's great for the game and will hopefully feed into BB3 on the PC soon after.