idea for the next update i think...

i would like the devs to add the canted sight to some weapons like M16A4,mk18,mk17,and M4A1 in onther section of the attachment next to scopes you get me here ? like if i want say 4x scope for med -long range engagment and at the same time
for close range i could use the canted sight (if i get surprised or pinned ) i wont have to hip fire and wast all my ammo then worry about reloading , this could help in crowded/overwhelmeing situations and woud be nice looking attachment on ur gun
in which the character rolles the weapon anti clock wise making him/her grab the weapon in a new tactical way .
well thats all , its just an idea i thought of when i was playing let me know ur thoughts 😃

For exemple : 😉 the second sight.


or like that

Systeme deporté picatinny.jpg

It would also be very pleasant to add new accessories for armament for example:

Forgrip-Magpul.jpg or this one


Whit the possibility of changing the positioning of your equipment on the picannity rail (forward or backward) which could thus change the statistics of the weapon more or less ... (Folding down his stick to be more effective in close combat).

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yea it would be great and gonna add a good variety to the game considring the attachment and weapons are well known to most of the players now and its gonna get boring if it stayed the same u know like i only play with 2 kinds of weapons and thats it really xD i want to change but its all the same