See the future with our Season Pass Trailer!

@djgromo makes sense, we are building a town, water purification is a need for a town in the wilderness

@knight25 guy who took the video had settings on medium, there is low/medium/high/ultra

@Akbalder you can pre-order on Xbox that's how I know

I am thinking that is a drilling mud pump skid / tank.

@zamal Yep I saw the mod i dont think chameleon has any new mod because he is uploading the same mods he used for mudrunner

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I don't often buy Season Passes, but I will make an exception this time, looks TOO good!

@DigitalX I've never bought a season pass either, but I can't say I'm sold on this one yet. I will not necessarily be interested in every single DLC, so for me the season pass may not be worth it. It largely depends on the mod workshop. If the mods for this game are inadequate, then the DLC's will be worth more. I think I will wait some time before I buy the pass. The base game should have plenty of content to entertain me for months, assuming the physics will be satisfactorily realistic.

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WHAT AN AWFUL IDEA. I was excited about this until I saw a Season Pass. I'll just keep playing SpinTires.....

@err go and seach united we drive on youtube

Can anyone answer the question of multiple winch points at the same time?

@UNEAR7H not yet. why is it so necessary?

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The question comes up a lot in my Facebook group I Admin for. Just trying to get a clear answer for folks

Some stores in germany already sent the game out, people are streaming how they play it on youtube... any chance, we can pick up the game from the store where we ordered it earlier than tuesday next week? It is strange to see people get it one week earlier in your neighbor country. Would be great to start playing this weekend...

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@Jellyfoosh said in See the future with our Season Pass Trailer!:

maps, features, vehicles, mission types,

will you be able to access the season pass maps, features, vehicles, mission types after that phase?

Looks awesome! Thoroughly enjoying the game so far (despite a few bugs and lack of shifter support), really looking forward to the expansions and return of logging.