Anyone from the old Fun League around

Hi I used to play in the the Fun League and wondered if it still existed (doesn't seem too). I had to stop playing because of the struggle with new job allowing me time to play, I suddenly find myself with some spare time for some reason and wondered if any of my old league were still active.


Hi there,
I used to play in the Fun League. Still one of the best Blood Bowl experiences I've had 🙂
What Would the Red Duke Do?

Hi DaImp, I remember you. It was great that league! I had the Bilbali Banana Bunch Human team, I think I remember you having Orcs? (amongst others) I found the old webpage for it but didn't get any response from messaging the members, looks like its been gone a few years now. I remember having such fun there only having to give it up because of work hours. It was so funny and I loved all the story chat and hilarious match reports. Good times.

Hello I use to play in the Fun league as well. If you are interested in a BB2 league that has a good mix of casual/competition with some fun I recommend BBTactics.

Season just started but if interested you might want to put your name up to be on the waiting list.

Like a brown phoenix from the toilet bowl of history, Fun League has arisen, re-arisen, arose,'s back.