• With the Legendary Edition and the 50 Starplayers ist time for a new kind of Match Making at least to stop that kind of Match Making via Team Value wich never was a good idea.
    To Simulate League Play, Match Making should be be handled with the number of Matches both Teams have played.
    For Example If Team A has played 30 Games it should only Match to a Team that has + - 10% the same Numbers of Games played. In this Example to a Team which has between 27 - 33 Games played.
    In Addition, there is still a Plague by a lot of Players that will quit the Match immediatly when the Apo is used or it looks they may not win a game - there should be an option to quit a Matched Team if the Opponent has quit more than 10% or 20% of his games before the End of a Match without Penalty. This should Lead also to more Matches played till the End of Game.
    Also it should solve the Problem with this Cheated Teams where a player Starts with 4 Chaos Killer Warriors at Level 5-6 and 7 Goats without any Skills only build to destroy other Teams.