Hello there!
Amazing job you've done so far! The power plant map is great!
I would love to help make this game even greater. This is why I've made the following list.
Let's get right to it:

  • Toggle sprint is way too sensitive to the terrain.
    This is by far the most annoying thing. I feel like my character stops running each time it walks on a pebble.
    If I hit the sprint key once, I feel like it should run until out of stamina, and not stop on each little terrain change.

  • The laser pointer do not follow the weapon in third person.
    This issue more handicapping that one would think, as it transforms the laser pointer into a beacon telling the enemy exactly where you are going!
    I never use it anymore, because wherever I'm running to, the enemy knows, there is a big red dot there...

  • The kill cam spoils the game. No more fun of searching for your killer...
    I know I can disable it, but if I do I have an handicap compared to other players.
    My choice is to be spoiled or handicapped 😞
    In general, please do not make anything that makes this game easier 🙂

  • Spawn with missing gear.
    This happens often enough, especially in the temporary playlists.
    You would spawn with a missing part of your equipment. So far I've had missing: Primary weapon, secondary weapon, grenade, gas mask.
    Missing your secondary weapon in Gang War mode is tough 😃

  • Please add a permanent playlist that includes all maps and game modes.
    The players would then be able to vote and choose another game mode without having to exit the server.

  • The magnified scopes go black in spectator mode.
    Not ideal to see what's going on.

  • The winning kill/objective/death is not accounted for in the post match stats.
    It seems to me that this bug is there since the beta.

  • If you join a server, do nothing and the game ends, you win the same stats and experience as your last match.

Beside the stats, I feel like these issues are the ones currently hindering the gameplay the most.
If they were not to be, well, I would not have anything to say ^^

Sandstorm is by far my favorite game. Keep up the good job!
Really looking forward to night maps 😃

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