I was just defending an objective in Push, and I put some C4 down in a room to blow it up as soon as the enemy takes the room. After I put it down, I wasn't quite happy with how I put it, so I wanted to pick it back up. It wouldn't let me. This is the type of bullshit jankiness that I have come to expect from this game so I just left it there and went upstairs. Later when the enemy was in said room I blew up the C4 and it killed me. Even though I wasn't even in that room and even if, standing behind a lamp usually shields you. But on an entirely different floor of the building? I just lost the game because of this. I killed myself with my own C4 and lost the round. And I don't care about the win or being kicked for being idle while typing this. It's just that with how the patch broke my game, and broke the smoke AGAIN, I honestly can no longer rationalize that this game will ever be better. I don't believe it any longer. And now I can't even touch C4 anymore because I will never be sure if it works or if it will magically glitch out so I can't pick it up, only for me to kill myself with it for trying to make use of it properly. What a fool I am. Fuck this game.

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