No Gold after Opponent Condeded Match

BB2 Bug Concede no

Playing on: PC
League: Cabalvision Official League
Competition: Casual 32-no conc limit

Opponent: Les guerriers d Anubis
My Team: The Beijing Butcherz
Date of Game: April 19, 2020

My opponent (Les guerriers d Anubis) conceded but I got no winnings added. I had a Treasury of 160.000 before as well as after the Match. My TV is just about 1,500,000 so it has nothing to do with Spiraling Expenses.

I did get two MVPs and I even got shown I supposedly rolled a 4 for my winnings. But none of that money was added. And if I understand the rules right, I actually should not only have gotten those 40.000 (FAME was 0) as earnings but also those of my opponent too.

Above a zip folder of all .dmp, .xml and .bbr files I could find and the DxDiag .txt. Found no .log files at all though.

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