Unhandled Error Xbox One

I'm getting an UNHANDLEDERROR message when trying to play on Xbox One. I've seen it has happened before. Any idea of a fix please?

Thanks in advance.

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I am also have the same problem start yesterday. Haven't been able to log on since.

Same here. It was working yesterday...

Worked at 3 this morning and now can’t log in tried reinstalling and restarting Xbox multiple times

Yes i have the same Problem. My cousine too. i tried heartboot and everything. does not work the whole day.

I'll add my voice to this list, just picked up the game to play multiplayer with a buddy, but neither of us can play online 😞 Please fix.

Mine is doing the same, does anyone know how to fix it?

I am getting the same problem. I know to 4 other people having the same issue as well.

Is there a fix for this yet??

same problem, right after install of team pack. probably has nothing to do with it, but quite a coincidence tough.

Just adding to the confirmations. Same issue here, stopped working last night.