SnowRunner Modding Info!

Hello SnowRunners!

The April 28 launch of SnowRunner on PS4, Xbox One, and PC is just around the corner! Today, we’re excited to unveil new info regarding the game’s mod support from launch and beyond on PC, with console mod support planned at a later date.

As you may know, we've partnered with industry-leading mod experts so that it's easy to browse, install and submit mods. To ensure the SnowRunner modding scene will thrive, we're also awarding the most popular modders every month with an amount of money.

You can already visit to check out the mods created so far by closed Beta testers, with whom we’ve been working closely.

Get the M134 MINIGUN.

How to install mods

  • After launching SnowRunner and going to the mods section, you'll be prompted to create your account via the in-game UI.
  • You'll then be directed to the page.
  • There, you can browse the selection of mods by category such as popularity, rating, and type. More categories will be added in the future.
  • Having selected a mod, click on subscribe, and it will be installed the next time you launch SnowRunner, provided you are logged into the same account in-game.
  • In-game you can manage which mods you have active.

How to submit mods

  • Log in and click the “add mod” button on the SnowRunner page.
  • You can select its visibility (private or public), tags, include an image, and give a description of your mod.
  • Remember to follow the terms set out here:
  • Overall, no racist, xenophobic, homophobic or otherwise prejudiced remarks, personal abuse, libel, NSFW content, and excessive swearing. This list is not exhaustive.

Modder rewards

  • Based on mod popularity, a number of modders will receive a portion of money from a combined pool.
  • To start with, this pool will be €3000/ $3,252 per month. This will start in May or June.
  • Modders will be selected based on various criteria that take into account the popularity of established and new modders separately. This is to encourage a good balance between improving existing mods, and adding new mods.
  • Some eligibility criteria may apply, which may mean not everyone can receive rewards, and the winners will be responsible for paying any fees and taxes as applicable to receive the funds.

Get the Octotruck.

Types of mods

  • At launch, you will be able to mod vehicles, their look and shape, etc.
  • Shortly after launch, we will start introducing new kinds of modding functionality, such as maps, missions, and interior customization!

With almost 5000 mods already created for MudRunner, we know just how much creativity, passion, and know-how exists in this community, so we can't wait to see what will be created for SnowRunner with the tools provided. We'll keep sharing more info about the further additions and improvements to the mod tools as things take shape.

Thanks, we'll see you in the snow!

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thx a lot! looking forward to get them on xbox!

popular question - will mods disable the achievements/trophies?
imo - they shouldn’t since its not rpg game

You are supporting mod creators with 3000€? That is awesome! Thank you. This will really help the mod community.

man u guys are tempting me to start making mods... 😅

I am very curious whats the deal with that Harley-Davidson?
Could this be a suggestion that tests are underway on the official implementation of motorcycles in the future?
I remember you could vote for a motorcycles in that old community survey, so who knows?

@knight25 its just modder randomly adding one of his old mods from MR to SR, i think

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Ah ok, but it looks pretty good, doesn't it?

@zamal said in SnowRunner Modding Info!:

man u guys are tempting me to start making mods... 😅

alt text

@Jellyfoosh thank you for the info, the game looks great and I am curious to join the modding community. With that noted will there be some information published from the developers in terms of a how to for making a new mod from scratch?

real question is does support contributors for mods so friends can see a private mod? I don't plan to release many mods and would like to actual test them with friends before ever releasing

I'm Scott from - if you have any questions about how it works please ask. @Xofroggy you can set mods as private, your friends could potentially subscribe to them or be invited to the team - but it depends how the game implementation works as to whether they will be playable which is a question for the game devs.

So mods for console players are planned to be released at a future date? Kinda like how they were planned for a future date when mudrunner was released? Lol so maybe by the next “game,” console players will get mods is what I’m hearing with that statement? Smh I feel sorry for anyone on console who’s bought mudrunner or preorder snowrunner and I’d implore any console player that might read this to cancel that preorder. This company doesn’t care at all about you. And no, I’m not just a salty console player for the record but I did make the mistake of buying the game on my console as well just to enjoy it more casually but without mods there is no console game unfortunately. Made me not want to play on my pc after seeing how the community seems to turn their noses up at the console players for whatever weird reason. Disgusting in all honesty. I’m fortunate to have a good paying job but not everyone can say that and not everyone has mommy and daddy to pay for everything for them either. Stay humble

Hello, sorry if asked already but can someone point me to post where i can get info on how to create mods for snowrunner?

Such negativity! The chances of being "fooled" twice are quite low. And if we are, well it won't happen a third time for sure, lol.
But even if I'm fooled this time, I can still appreciate a far bigger game than before, I just hope at the end they change their mind about not being able to replay missions independently of the game...

@intenscia do you know if there will be a how to section to show us how to build mods?

this time they have some sort of model to actually do modding on console so just wait and we will see what happens

@64Pacific said in SnowRunner Modding Info!:

@intenscia do you know if there will be a how to section to show us how to build mods?

I'd love that too, actually. 👍
A step-by-step manual on how to create a vehicle, starting from scratch (also explaining how to set up the suspension to work correctly, how to script everything), and also maybe one for doing missions and one for maps. Either that, or they do like multiple-part videos for each subject. I'd love that!

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Yeah a nice source to go to with everything in one place!

I am still picking away at the model for my truck - I rebuilt the cab this weekend after looking at the real one in my shop I realized that I was a little off in a few spots - the hood needs to be reworked a bit before I move on...

alt text

Edit: make my picture appear inline...

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@trapjackson117 it's kinda sad that you need mods to enjoy a game. They are nice but there is a lot to do in snowrunner and a lot of vehicles to do it with. If mods come cool, if they don't. Cool. I have no hope they will but that's just me

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