SnowRunner Modding Info!

Where can I find the map editor?

Map editor is coming soon from what I have read...

@trapjackson117 I think it could be possible that developing console mods on MR may have been a hurdle not worth jumping and instead placing that effort (and extra development time) into SR console mods. Players and developers alike have big dreams to what they want to see and create, but im sure that creation process isnt easy and all kinds of limitations end up knocking them down a few pegs. If making video games was easy then we'd be making exactly what we want play and there wouldn't be a saber team to scapegoat, but its hard and i think we should appreciate sabers effort regardless of statements that dont come true or the hiccups and changes we wish could happen at the snap of a finger.

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@trapjackson117 it's kinda sad that you need mods to enjoy a game. They are nice but there is a lot to do in snowrunner and a lot of vehicles to do it with. If mods come cool, if they don't. Cool. I have no hope they will but that's just me

the vehicle selection in snowrunners is a bunch of pathetic american commercial vehicles. we want russian military vehicles!

@intenscia Hey! I have went to the site and subscribed to several mods through the game mod menu. For some reason not a single one shows up as subscribed. Like, when I go into the mod menu it still says no mods subscribed. What is/did I do wrong?

@clarionhorn think what you want, facts show different tho.

Hello .
I installed several Mods and I can't find them in the garage.
The only one I could recover is the first one I installed, the M134 Minigun.

Edit :
In fact some Mods must be installed manually and the subscription is therefore useless .... Read the description

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hola sabemos algo de los mosd de ps4 tenemos fecha o no se va a realizar nada un saludo en fs19 es una maravilla los mosd esperemos que tambien sea aqui

release mods in coop! why can we only use mods in single player unless we want to overwrite game files? kinda pointless to have "day 1" mods when you cant even use them in coop.

the subscribe to install does not work pleace help

Give us the Editor!!

@Crumpy2 Not so fast... I know a game that's on there 5th game...5th year and has a license to a sport till 2029 and there game is 🚮💩💩💩 lol. 🙂 after there 5th (coming this year sometime)

let us use mods in coop WITHOUT needing to change game files!

Thanks for the info
I’m optimistic about console mode. I hope we can see it soon

@Jellyfoosh Corrigé les bugs avant svp sur PS4

@Jellyfoosh When will console mods be coming to Xbox 1? Just an estimate of the date will be okay!

Anybody knows why mods are deactivated every time I start the game? Once I activate them they work fine during the session but next time I have to activate them all again. They're all subscribed mods.

How Can i reset/change the email in-game?

How do I get the modding selection to show up on my ps4