***MudRunner Maps Mods not working....!!!!!***😞 😞 😞
after installing new maps from mod websites. there is one line popup while curser on selecting maps.
user map complete to earn an additional progression points
above message shows.
after selecting new mod map that I installed,
there is no Game Balence , there is no Chose Truck option.
can anybody please help.

I installed these some map mod
1. 9 maps by Sergey Nevraev
2. A Cold Day In It Map v1.0
3. Beyond the North Map v1
4. City of Three Lakes Map v1
5. Dark Forest Snow Map v1.0
6. Southern desert passage - V1 Map
7. The Great Hill MF Big Hill Map v07.06.18

Mod Maps 1.PNG
Mod Maps 2.PNG **