Launch Q&A

Q: Where can I buy SnowRunner?
You can use this link for all platforms:

Q: What platforms will the game be on?
At launch on April 28, the game will be on PS4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

Q: How much will it cost?
The base game is $39.99 on the EGS, and $49.99 on PS4 and Xbox One.

The Premium Edition, which includes the Season Pass with its four phases of post-launch content, is $59.99 on the EGS, and $69.99 on PS4 and Xbox One.

Q: When can I get the game on PS4?
Digital PS4 copies will be available in the PlayStation Store when the game launches on April 28, but physical copies can be pre-ordered now from most retailers.

Q: What time will the game be playable in my area?


Q: What are the System Requirements on PC?
Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Intel i3-4130 3.4 GHz / AMD Ryzen 3 2200U 3.4 GHz
8 GB
2 GB, GeForce GTX 660 / Radeon R9 270
20 GB

Recommended (for high settings and 60FPS):
Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Intel i7-8700 3.2 GHz / AMD Ryzen 7 2700 3.2 GHz
16 GB
4 GB, GeForce GTX 970 / Radeon RX 580
20 GB

Q:Will SnowRunner be available in 4k resolution?
Yes, 4k is available on PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, and PC.

Q: What are the Season Pass contents?
SnowRunner’s Season Pass will include a ton of content post-launch, which will arrive in four phases. Players without the Season Pass will also receive free new content updates.

Season Pass content includes new vehicles, maps, missions, and features such as logging and breakable ice.

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Q: How will you support modding for SnowRunner?
To ensure the modding scene will thrive, we’ve partnered with, and you can find SnowRunner’s page here:
Modding will be available on PC at launch.

Here players can browse and subscribe to mods, which are automatically installed on SnowRunner.

In-game, players will find a link to and be able to manage which of their subscribed mods are active.

More modding info:

Q: When will mods arrive on consoles?
We are currently working to add mod support for consoles post-launch. We’ll share more details on this when we can.

Q: Can modders earn money?
Yes, we’re excited to say we will be able to directly reward the most popular mods. Based on mod popularity, a number of modders will receive a portion of money from a combined pool. To start with, this pool will be €3000/ $3,252 per month.

Learn more about modding here:

Q: Does SnowRunner have different weather?
Yes, there is dynamic weather, with rain and snow, and different levels of cloudiness and clarity.

Q: Does the weather affect gameplay?
No, there are currently no plans for this.

Q: What wheels and peripherals will be supported by SnowRunner?
Testing for all our planned peripherals has unfortunately been delayed due to the COVID-19 virus. We can confirm that popular wheels from Thrustmaster, Logitech, and others will be available but not fully compatible at launch. We will provide a detailed list of all the specific wheels once testing has been fully completed after launch.

Q: Is there a Hardcore Mode?
Not at launch, but we plan to introduce this in a future update. SnowRunner can be pretty hardcore to begin with though!

Q: How will Multiplayer work?
Multiplayer in SnowRunner, which can reach a total of 4 players, has improved a lot since the previous game. Everything is synchronized, such as lights, tire tracks, and sounds.

The entire game can be played from start to finish in co-op. Players who are invited to join their friend’s game will be playing the missions available to the host.

While the guest won’t receive mission progression, they will be able to earn xp and money, as well as unlock upgrades and new vehicles, which will be kept when they go back to their own game.
Players keep their own fleet of vehicles when joining a friend’s game, but can switch to vehicles left on the map by any player in the game.

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Q: Will Missions be repeatable?
Not Missions, but Contests are a new kind of timed activity which are repeatable. We will also add more save slots in a future patch, so you can replay the whole game if you like.

Q: Is there a first person/driver view?
Absolutely, and the interiors of every vehicle have been fully modelled including dashboards and working speedometers.


Q: Will rear view mirrors work in SnowRunner?
Working rear view mirrors will be available on PC at launch. We’re working on it for consoles, and will possibly add this post-launch.

Q: Do the windscreen wipers work?
There are currently no plans for this.

Q: Can vehicles be customized?
Yes, all vehicles in SnowRunner can be deeply customized, both in terms of performance and look. Switch your wheels, engine, gearbox, suspension, then apply a new paintjob, new rims, and a grill to your vehicle!

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Youtube Video

Q: What vehicle do you start with?
You start SnowRunner with the Chevrolet CK1500, a scout, which will take you through the tutorial to teach you the basics of the game. Don’t worry if it seems slippery, this is a starting vehicle and we have plenty of other vehicles with better stability, which you will discover soon!

Q: Will there be microtransactions?
SnowRunner doesn’t feature any in-game currency or similar that can be bought for real money.

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How about flat tires?

I really like the fact that you can switch to other players vehicles in mutiplayer. Would have save many headaches in mudrunner.

Excited to see hardcore is planned but it's a real shame its not available at launch.

This is a question about the mud physics. Does wetness affect clinginess? So would dry mud cling to tires more than wet mud?

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What about Steam-like achievements?

Will there be shared terrain deformation in Co-Op?
Say I destroy a path and then a friend goes to go down the same path but it's already been torn up

@Ktaco think the game will be standard ijn mudrunnerhardcore looking at gameplay. like no diff lock in auto and such will now be standard. so maybe the next hardcore will be more on the small stuff and maybe verry limited hud and such.

Will there be an option to map gear+ / gear- changes to buttons?

@Jellyfoosh Really great info thanks for taking the time to answer!!!

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@Jellyfoosh Hi
Their appears to be no preorder (to get the bonus pre-order truck) on the USA PlayStation store and no way to purchase the physical premium edition in the USA.

Will this appear before launch, orr do I have pre-order a physical version to get the pre-order bonus truck and then hope the season pass appears on the PlayStation store at some point.


Will you be able to purchase the addons later/one-by-one?
Can we know anything about the price of that?

@SnowJoel they said u can buy that truck separately from store after the launch

great q&a, a lot of clarifications! thx!

so we enjoy the game and anticipate hard mode, console mirrors&mods.

interesting about save slots- they will add more slots in future only..does it mean new game now means deleting of current playthrough?

i hope publisher change will not delay/cancel all promises made

@Jellyfoosh said in Launch Q&A:

Q: Is there a Hardcore Mode?
Not at launch, but we plan to introduce this in a future update. SnowRunner can be pretty hardcore to begin with though!

Maybe for complete beginners. But I saw trucks with road tires getting out of deep mud with ease. This really shouldn't be possible. The default mode should be hardcore, with various player assists being optional for people who want them.

"Working rear view mirrors will be available on PC at launch."
Thanx............. 😡

@BE-DAREDEVIL said in Launch Q&A:

@Ktaco think the game will be standard ijn mudrunnerhardcore looking at gameplay. like no diff lock in auto and such will now be standard. so maybe the next hardcore will be more on the small stuff and maybe verry limited hud and such.

now its a mix, casual mostly, like recover button, night skipping.
yes, diff cant be in auto, we even got clutch button (in mr actually there was such, R3), but still the game made big move to casuals - first region covered with tarmac (in most missions its different game there - delivery simulator), you can get OP vehicle from the start (marshal on swamp tires, alaska and taymyr are a piece of cake with it, default conf).
I support this move - more players, more money, more franchise development.
But only with separate mode for seasoned players.
And i can agree with you, new Hardcore will be different from MR - not only recovery /night skip to be eliminated (now we just can ignore them), but many other things to be tweaked, since game became much bigger.
I mean many tweaks in campaign mode difficulty, vehicles upgrades, and for sure physics which became more complex and i hope adjustable.
Since this deepening might not fit all hardcore enthusiasts, most tweaks should be switchable, like in Xcom.

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@Unster Yes. The basic Road Tires are going with ease in Mud. They are making this game to what this game never should have been ( regarding Difficulty) Hope all this will resolve. I don't want the Hardcore mode be like earning some more percentage of money . @Jellyfoosh

Is there any plans for making a regular H-pattern manual transmission or a sequential shifting option? Game looks awesome and thanks for answering so many questions already!

@Jellyfoosh The Q&A list was really helpful, thanks for this!
I do have one question though. Is there LAN multiplayer as well?
I'm asking because I'd like to play SnowRunner with my brother without having to purchase the game and all the DLC twice. And if there isn't an LAN mode, is there another solution to this?
Thank you in advance and I can't wait to play this breathtaking game!

Something I learned from game clips, crash your truck enough to get damage twice to get both tutorial screens about it out of the way early. Since I'm a achievement hunter, it's fun to perfect games, but I'm kinda sad it's not a dedicated tutorial stage like in mudrunner, cus knowing my luck a tutorial pop up will come up right as I need to winch quickly to stop from turning my truck over. Also something else I've noticed, the clip with the semi, like in real life, you have to stop to engage diff lock/all wheel drive. That's very accurate