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Can anybody give me an idea if I can run the game with my system and if I can how well it’ll do? It’s a gaming laptop so discrete GPU and turbo mode for the i5 while running a game.

Will there be a manuel transmission option for console?

@Eversman I hadn't seen that, but thank you for answering :). I reread through it and I see it now

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@cav00man @rians yeah to both questions. There are achievements and trophies for Xbox and PlayStation and flat tires are a feature

Q: What vehicle do you start with?
You start SnowRunner with the Chevrolet CK1500, a scout, which will take you through the tutorial to teach you the basics of the game. Don’t worry if it seems slippery, this is a starting vehicle and we have plenty of other vehicles with better stability, which you will discover soon!

@DABOSS5135 said in Launch Q&A:

Will there be a manuel transmission option for console?

They know nothing!

No full rearview, no windshield wiper, no active weather!   No map editor, no coop career, no trucker profile, no full cockpit, no realistic damage, No AI, no any other multiplayer features,missions, no official wheel support, Just pay for beta.

@Hartge most of the things u said are in the game, and some of them arnt even necessary like what do u call truck profile..? there is already pretty extensive customization

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@Hartge they said we get all of what you claim we dont have you watched any of the official videos or you just commenting on stuff you don't know anything about? Asking for a friend....smh

well, its up to us.
if we will continue support the game with $, like we do now, we will get it and much more in future updates and series.
i can ensure you that we, console players, are very important to devs, despite all hardware difficulties, because of $
sr made huuuge step forward from mr, witch consist mainly from our, hardcore fans, wishes, and founders core values.
remember first two gta, forzas, flight simulators, name almost any unique/successful franchise, they developed to unpredictable heights, because of good teams and players support. i heard flight simulator (i never touched) has FULL real world map and ports...who could hoped for it in fs2 years ago?

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In my region (Australia) the Epic Store is showing the release date as the 29th, is this correct?

@Timmo821 that may be to match the release date for the rest of the world Wich is the 28th. Since y'all are technically a day ahead of us

Why Turkish players are not supported in Turkish in this beautiful game. 😡 😞


Actually if it's "midnight" on the 29th, just treat is as the 30th lol.
That's what I've been doing all along with midnight on the 28th, so it's just easier to wait for 😅

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What is the Official Discord channel for Snowrunner?

@Crumpy2 Actually midnight is the start of a new day, so midnight on the 28th means you can play it on the 28th.

hello good afternoon I can't find the game in my region (Portugal) I already researched I can't find how to get the game

hello good afternoon I can't find the game in my region (Portugal) I already researched I can't find how to get the game