Hi everyone!

To start, I must say, as many already have, what a great game this is! Chapeau!

But better is the enemy of good, so let me give you my thoughts on where you could improve the playing experience for me (and I know many of my friends playing this with me agree here, so might others...):

First of all coming from Insurgency 1 I was very happy to be given the choice in Sandstorm whether to play Security or Insurgents. I'm nothing short of hating to be taken away that choice again in an update!
Call me sentimental, roleplayer, whatsoever, I have attitude issues playing Insurgents! I want the choice back!
I waste a lot of precious lifetime on leaving games that chose an Insurgency map and what's even worse: the damn game keeps putting me into the same servers I just left when searching for a new game. This spoils the whole fun!
So I understand that some players do actually like the voting stuff after a session, but please give me an option to just join games of a chosen faction!

Another great improvement was already announced and postponed several times in favour of other stuff: the option to switch on/off the sight boosters!
Stop delaying this! This will be a game changer! Before this is put into place, I really don't care for fancy new weapons, AI changes and all the other stuff, you developer think so much more important! What divides this game from all the arcade shooters is it's tendancy to realism. So go on that road. The maps are meant to be played with magnification and without. So let us do so. Watch about 20 games and you'll see for yourself how many unnecessary player deaths are caused by overmagnification issues. Strafing the weapon is to slow, you don't get the target in the aim in time, and so on. Since you make the bots faster shooting with what feels like every update, you still keep us players slow. That's unfair and unnecessary!
Give us an Elcan Specter that allows us to switch between 1x and 4x magnification, which is the reason those things got popular throughout armed forces in the first place! Give us a G36 optic that we can choose to use with magnification or without, like it was meant to be! What good is a booster in front of an Eotech or Aimpoint that I cannot switch aside in CQB? Please don't delay the issue any further!

And my last point is the extreme buff you gave the enemy shotgunners. Wtf did you think? They take about 0.1 sec between appaering and shooting you! They don't even have to rotate in the right direction! So there goes down another point in realism. Enemies that are not alligned with their gun in a player's direction, should not be able to shoot them. Fullstop!

So please take note of my thoughts, keeping in mind, that I left out pages and pages of praise texts that I could write about this awesome game!