SnowRunner is LIVE!

I got the 5.0 update on my xbox, but still no wheel support, Please give a time, WHEN WILL THIS BE AVAILABLE?! this game was WAY TOO EXPENSIVE to be in this state. Wish I could get my money back. The previous versions of this game were SO MUCH BETTER! AND HAD WHEEL SUPPORT!

Hi i have the thrustmaster t500 and my pedals aren't hooked to my steering wheel my pedals are hooked up to a USB on my PC my pedals don't work can't get snowrunner to recognize them spintire mudrunner project cars all my racing games works fine but not on snowrunner so I was hoping that maybe you can fix this problem haven't been able to play the game since I bought it 3 weeks ago thanks kujoeknight. My shifter is usb to and snowrunner doesn't recognize

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Hi just got the update on snowrunner 8.0 but still my pedals and shifter still don't work. I I have no clue what the update was all about I was hoping to get my pedals and shifter to work still don't work my pedals in my shifter I USB connected to my PC it if you can fix that I'd be grateful

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Is the game compatible with the Hori racing wheel apex steering wheels yet??? My mom is going to slaughter me if I buy a wheel just for it to be unusable😅 😅 😅

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