SnowRunner is LIVE!

We need Wheel Support for PS4, I bought this game specifically to use with my G29. Amazing game just pissed off over not been able to use the wheel.

I am very disappointed
I was excited and waiting for the release, but the release had several problems
First and most importantly, the g920 steering wheel is not set correctly and if I try to adjust it myself the result is completely unacceptable because the buttons change and there is a lack of options
Secondly, the game sound is very annoying, there is noise that has nothing to do with the engine at all
This is some of what I remember and thank you

Finally I have a question when is the date of the next update because I will only play with the correct update

Got the game today and I can't get my Logitech G920 driving wheel to work with this game. Help!


Been playing this game all day yesterday it’s really fun but please fix the bugs! So many bugs! Cars being lost and can’t retain. I can’t join my friends sessions. They can only join mine but only 1 friend at a time!
And please fix all other bugs that I’m sure are being noted. This game has good potential if fixed.

Thanks for you time,

I do not understand why the games does not recognize my logitech g920 on xboxone it acts as if it did not see it😤

@Netheos umm all the devices listed as were working are not working especially on the consoles!

Fix the truck lights and mirros on PS4, pls

First timer to the series but the game looked amazing and bought this day one on epic game store to use with my Logitech g920 wheel. Unfortunately steering wheel compatibility and controls are seriously jank at the moment. Hopefully you'll address them in your first patch. Until then I can't recommend it to anybody looking to use a wheel and I'll shelve it and go back to other games while I wait for a patch.

@dangaco Oh dear God.... If you don't mind me asking, where did you get that trailer? I have all but completed the first map. Or so I thought.... I even fixed the power line!
I'll check and see if It's in the same predicament for me.

Something to try might be messing about with the weinch (attach winch to back of truck with nose facing trailer) to see if you can "glitch" into the trailer a little to shift it, assuming restarting the console doesn't cut it...

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Hi, my friends
i have been Waiting to buy this game since day one but i cant see it on my Store Page all i can see is some dlc When are you going to release it in PS4 Saudi store i see this game on all the other store but not mine please help i check my store page every hour to see if its available i want to buy the deluxe Ed

I had also problems to config my Logitech G27 with shifter for snowrunner. It's really disappointing me. Truck-Simulation without real shifter-support.

My G27 is running with some problems. By driving i lost control of my steering. I turned left, but the truck and tyres run straight forward. When i turn the steering a little bit back, its almost on the right way again. Difficult to explain.

And i have some problems about the config to translate it for me wheel. Some functions i would like to try and bind some keys with the g27, but no function in game?!

Great job is the "f" and "r" button for the winch, but i also would like to use it on my wheel. Dont know, how its possible.

Please...add support for G27+shifter....its important for the hole community and old veteran gaming guys, also me.

Thx...hopefull for support.

Fabulous game BUT.. it’s 2020 and you (and others) are STILL releasing games that don’t work at the most basic level. ITS A DRIVING GAME and the steering wheel support is totally broken! I am not enjoying spending 30 minutes messing about trying to get my wheel to work acceptably (not perfectly) every time I want to play this awesome game! It baffles me how controls not working isn’t grounds for delaying a release, I mean is it too much to ask to expect to be able to play a game that has just been released rather than having to wait weeks for fundamental things to be fixed?
You wouldn’t buy a car that didn’t have a working steering wheel would you?

Some constructive opinion:
Imo, having only 350 repair points on the maintenance service platform/trailer (red/yellow) is way too low, and even more difficult when you cannot tow the trailer if you have the platform equipped.
I get that the van body carries far more, with the trade-off being that you carry no fuel at all, but you can carry a van body platform and trailer.

I think the repair points on the maintenance service platform/trailer should be increased to 500 and the fuel reduced by perhaps 300 litres to balance it.

@Coldlandlord said in SnowRunner is LIVE!:

I am not enjoying spending 30 minutes messing about trying to get my wheel to work acceptably (not perfectly) every time I want to play this awesome game!

You only need to reload your previous wheel settings by switching your wheel profile to something else, then back to Custom (if that's what you use). It's a bug, but it has a quick workaround.

maybe you are right.
but all these addons will be needed after damage mechanics adjustments, now you just dont need even rooftop points...hard to get some notable damage.
and we visit garage often, for all upgrades and refueling.

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@Stazco indeed, for feild repairs of your own, it's more than plenty. However, for the repair and retrieval of vehicles you discover, or are contracted to find, it's nowhere near enough.

This is because the number of possible damage points a vehicle can attain is actually very good. It's a lot. However, getting those points on your own vehicle does take time...

But you are correct, hitting a rock at speed should not add "three points" to the wheel, it should take the wheel out of the equation altogether, requiring a replacement and instead of "one" point to suspension, it should be, say, 25.

I wrote to you previously
I was somewhat prejudiced about the game
But now I would like to thank everyone who produced this beautiful game
The fun entered this game is indescribable, everything was beautiful and the game deserves to be bought with confidence

@Goffmoses1994 did you find a solution to the issue? I'm having the same issue on PC.

@Netheos so is the Logitech g27 not going to be compatible i don't see it on that list you mentioned for the wheels