SnowRunner is LIVE!

@Netheos is there any current or planned support for any wheel on Xbox?

I have no ability to use my wheel on my xbox one

Hi @Jobless ,

Strict NAT limits the connection capabilities of your device, Xbox One in this case. A limited number of players will be able to join games in which you are the host, this could also results in some other connectivity issues. said in The Ultimate Guide on How to Fix Strict NAT Type:

What is NAT? Why Shouldn’t I Use a Strict NAT Type?

Network Address Translation (NAT) is a method used by routers to translate a public IP address (used on the Internet) into a private IP address (used on your home network) and vice versa. This is done for multiple purposes:

to add security to the network by keeping the private IP addresses hidden from the Internet.
to allow multiple devices to share a single IP address

In the world of gaming consoles, there are three NAT types that classify the connectivity they have to other players over the Internet:

Open NAT (Type 1) – all is permitted – your gaming device can connect to anyone’s games and host games. Plus – other users will be able to find and connect to the games you are hosting. This is usually the case when your console is connected directly to the Internet with no router or firewall.

Moderate NAT (Type 2) – your gaming console will be able to connect to other players, but some functions will be limited. When connecting to the Internet through a router that is configured properly, you’ll get this NAT type.

Strict NAT (Type 3) – your gaming device has limited connectivity with other players. Other players on a moderate or strict NAT will not be able to join your hosted games. This is the case when the router doesn’t have any open ports.

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Hello Sir Game Is Fabulous But Logitech G27 Not Going To Be Comaptible I Don,t See It On That
List You Mentioned For The Wheels On PC Please Sir Fix The Issue I Am Always Grateful To You.
Regards All Mudrunner Games Lover.

@Netheos said in SnowRunner is LIVE!:

Testing for all our planned peripherals has unfortunately been delayed due to the COVID-19 virus. Here is the list of device on which we're working. They're part

My Logitech G27 wont be supported? That's a GREAT disappointment to read... I loved to play MudRunner with it.

Hey I found the problem solution, you can do it by watching this video
Youtube Video

I’m having problems with picking gear 1 reverse so I can’t pick diff as you have to be in gear 1 i did have it but lost it on all trucks

Just downloaded snowrunner and so disappointed that my g29 isn’t working. I’m running it on my xbox, does anyone know if there’s a way to get it going without FFB or does it not work at all atm ? i know you can do it on PC but no info about xbox

G920 is working. No FFB unfortunately. Not a huge fan of the controls setup like I had with Spintires and Mudrunner. I had pretty easy, simple setups and enjoyed being able to shift through the gears. Game looks great, definitely following the natural evolution of the game. Been playing since the first tech demo when Spintires was still on Kickstarter. Those were the good ol' days.

G920 controls do not work !! You mixed up the pedal controls, if you set it to the G920 profile, your Gas is the clutch pedal, and the brake is the gas pedal.
If you set it to G29 profile, gas and brake work, but the Buttons are all missmapped, so it all does not really work.
If you try to fix it by setting the gas and brake manually... all the controlls are deleted and you only have the custom setting.. which Sucks... because they are useless.. if you set the d-pad to menu up down, left, right... you cannot set them for the gears. So all the gears do not work.. This is the worst implementation of steering wheels i have ever seen.. so annoyed

When will logitech g29 be working with snow runner ps4 ? When do you think the updated patch will be released ?

I can't get my logitech g920 to work at all. Is there something you have to install on the xbox or anything. The buttons work on the dash board. But when in the game nothing on showrunner works at all.

@Pleasure how did you get the steering to work. Not worried about the pedal thing right now

Please can someone do something about the force feedback on steering wheel i bought this game thinking it will have force feedback and it doesn't a lot of people are thinking the same way as me please do something am losing fun here.......



What does it look like with force feedback for the T300?

When can we expect to be added to the game?

Thank you

Can’t use tmx thrustmaster on Xbox!! I hope the support comes soon. Bought the wheel just for this game.

ps4 wheel is not working please help

Dont start a new game, u can’t go back to your old one and contine that. I did it and lost all I had it start a hole new one. I am on console so I can’t do anything about it.

Just warning u all on console

@Bausinator I would like my wheel to work at all on xbox. im extremely disappointed that this doesn't work considering the is the 3rd installment of this game and the first 2 had it with no issues. What is happening here!