Hey Coaches,

Welcome to a brand new devblog series!

We’ve been very busy these last few months to bring you the best possible Blood Bowl 2 – Legendary Edition, available as a stand-alone game for newcomers, and as an expansion for all Blood Bowl 2 players this September on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The content of the Legendary Edition is based on your feedback and we're happy to unveil more info about each major new features in a series of devblog published in the coming weeks.

Please don't hesitate to ask more details on the official forum. Today we start with two new singleplayer modes: the Eternal League and the Challenge Mode!


The brand new Eternal League is a new mode introduced with the Legendary Edition (and Official Expansion). It will consist of an endless solo campaign across the Old World where you’ll be able to start with any of the teams you have (24 races + mixed teams) and compete in various tournaments for victory and glory.


The Eternal League will go on forever, unlike most of the players you’ll encounter on the field, but is divided into year-long “Seasons”. With each season split into four periods – Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer – and a total of three competitions available for each of them, sometimes with unique formats, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to discover all the subtleties introduced in this Legendary Edition.


For instance, you may compete in a knockout tournament featuring 32 teams in Winter and go on to play another tournament with 128 teams and a Wissen format in the Spring. Next could be a round-robin-base tournament involving only 4 teams… Once the Season is over, you can carry on to the next one.

Some competitions have prerequisites (Cyans admission price, upgrade requirements...) and rewards. It's a new way to gain more Cyans to customize your teams with new jerseys.


How to compete in the Eternal League?

  • Click “Play in a League” from the Blood Bowl 2 homescreen
  • Create a new team, or select a team you’ve already created and click “Join a league”
  • Choose “Eternal League”
  • Choose the competition in which you wish to compete and select “Register”
  • Your first matchup appears. Get ready to play Blood Bowl!


Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition introduces the Challenge mode, specifically designed to put your wits and skills to the test through crazy and challenging game situations.


In each challenge, you will be given a single turn and a series of dice rolls to complete your objective. It may be sending a Thrall six-feet-under, it may be pushing players off the pitch, or scoring the most improbable touchdown of your Blood Bowl career.

We wanted a mix of fun objectives (the longest bomb relay you've ever seen!) and advanced mechanics (One Turn Touchdown for example). You need to evaluate the situation thoroughly before making your move. Of course you’ll be able to retry in case you fail, but do you really want to hurt Nuffle’s feelings?

In the example below, you have only one turn to injure the thrall holding the ball. Your only player is a mighty Dwarf Deathroller, but 6 vampires are blocking your way! The dice results are predetermined and displayed in the top of your screen.


With all these crazy scenarios and the huge variety of gameplay mechanics involved, this Challenge mode will be the perfect Blood Bowl advanced tutorial for newcomers and seasoned players alike!

See you soon for a new devblog - don't hesitate to ask more details in the comments!

Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition will be available as a stand-alone game for newcomers, and as an expansion for all Blood Bowl 2 players this September on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Preorder here on Steam.

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