Mission reset

I am on the mission "not a drill" and because the giant trailer fell through a bridge I tried to reset the mission, but it says that something is blocking the spawn area and yet there is nothing near it


Yeah if anyone could please help the same thing happened to me

Yep this happened to me as well. PLEASE FIX

Same issue here too, please fix!

Same problem here on PS4, the trailer glitched into a object and was stuck.
So I did a mission reset.
The mission rests in state "restarting" and blocked ans shows me a truck spwan problem where clearly is no problem at all.
Please fix this, since it blocks all the further main missions.

I think the thread needs to be moved to the snowrunner support forum

i have the same issue with the Fixer Upper mission. Couldn't tow the vehicle up a hill, tried to reset but its telling me to clear the spawn area. And unfortunately its stopping me unlocking a certain vehicle