GFI + DODGE reroll bug


Had a bug today. My opponent took a GFI in order to dodge, he failed the GFI and elected to re roll.

When he did so the dice log does not show the GFI re roll being made, it simply shows the next roll as a successful dodge

This is either a case of the roll not being made at all and therefore possibly affecting the result, or simply a bug of the re roll not being displayed properly.

Community Manager

Thanks for your report. We investigated the issue and fixed it in the Legendary Edition. Have a nice day!

I wonder, will those bug fixes, as well as things like more skills becoming optional etc be available for everybody, or only for those who bought LE?

Focus Team

For everybody obviously!
It would be pretty inopportune to make players pay for bugfixes 😃

Yes, for bugs it's more or less obvious. It's not that much for optionality of skills. As it can be seen both as bug fix (as it contradicts to CRP ruleset) and as a new feature (so may be limited to those who'll buy LE). Thanks for clarifications, @Focus_Guillaume

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