[request] how is calculated the ranking ?


I know there was a subject on this, certainly on the old forum, and I was wondering if it could be pasted here too please ?

I was looking at the ranking for the ladder and I remember there was smthg about number of victories vs number of games, but I can't remember it.

so I ask 😃


Edit : I found the post on the old forum. If that can help : http://forum.bloodbowl-game.com/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=8308 😃 maybe you cold also update it (with sayin gif the non concede bonous is effective or not)

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Mercy has made a post about this, but the nonconcede bonus is currently given for all games whether conceded or not. This allows differentiation between identical win%s but different games played, e.g. 20-0-20 and 21-0-21.

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