The island lake map is undrivable in absolutely any truck on my game. On my game if you touch water(swamp) or muddy swampland anywhere on that map, be it on the "trails" or if you try to drive off trail the front wheels will not turn left or right, and the front wheels do not turn (rotate) for awd, even in awd only trucks. Tried it with 7 different trucks from the fleet. Kahn scout- royal - azvov 6, none of them. And the 8x8 azvov is a beast in water/mud everywhere else. It's so frustrating. Literally a foot deep of water, not even axel deep and it's like trying to drive through setting concrete. It's broken because you can tread the exact same looking mud/water/trail on any other map and beast through it with a good truck. I literally HAVE to do missions there and I can't. It's completely f*cking unplayable. And I literally love this game.