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    Xbox One Champion Ladder Rules - Season 8

    Champion Ladder Rules PC-Mac / Champion Ladder Rules PS4

    • Please note that due to the imminent release of Blood Bowl 2 - Legendary Edition, Champion Ladder Season 8 won't feature any prizepool or Champion Cup. It will be a moderated low-concession environment for the coming month.

    • Fresh teams (max 1000 Team Value) with rookie players only may join the league.

    • Over 5 concessions by a coach in a season and you're booted for the remainder that season - that's a coach limit, not just a team limit. Get booted two seasons in a row and you're banned for the third season. Disconnections which fail to reconnect will count as concessions.

    • Champion Ladder season 8 ends Monday September 4th 4:00 PM (CEST).

    • The teams and leaderboard reset every season.

    • Use of exploits will result in a ban. Please report the use of any exploits by PM to the admin team.

    • In-game griefing includes using non-game mechanisms (such as continual use of the pause button) to harass your opponent. It will result in a ban. Again, please report such exploits to the admin team.

    • To be absolutely clear, fouling is allowed at any time you are allowed to do so. So is stalling (i.e. clock management). These are not exploits, or considered unsportsmanlike in this league.

    • Kids play this game too, so bear that in mind when making your team. Your team may be ejected from the league if the team name and/or player names are considered offensive by the admin team and/or Focus/Cyanide.

    • If you encounter what you judge to be bad behaviour in the chat, you can contact Netheos directly on this forum by private message. Please send a description of the issue and any screenshots (F12) or files which might help to understand the case. It doesn't necessarily mean that we'll act against the coach you reported, but we'll look into the issue.

    The above list is subject to change, particularly between seasons.

    The admin team consists of:

    • Engel Evilstein
    • SLHunterUSA
    • Ronaldbeanio
    • PatGhostwalker
    • UndockedDeer0

    The moderators can be contacted by PM on these forums.

    Focus Home Interactive & Cyanide Studio

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  • In my opinion next season should extend the concessions on Xbox. The reconnect time is only 2 min and there are some screen bugs that could break the game. At this moment i´m top1 and i have 4 concessions for these reasons, if i get another one i´ll be forced to stop playing until the playoffs.

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