Fatal Error Prompt - Crash Log

Experience a game crash, resulting in a Fatal Error Prompt.
I've not seen them for a long time... But that's a good thing I guess.

Don't have a clue why or what caused it other than just started with chapter one and hosting the game, game less than 5 ~ 10 minutes old.
Had only one team mate who appeared frozen and not moving and with in 30 seconds or so the crash followed.

Crash Log
Crash Log, 2nd

Hopefully, more information can be pulled from the logs to fix what ever caused it, assuming it's not on my end 🙂

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Hi, thanks for your report. We'll take a look at it. Any info about crashes are helpful on our side to make sure the enhanced edition releases in the best possible state.

Hi WildCaatNL

Looks this Fatal Error like this one?

alt text

@Grey-Seer Hi Grey Seer,

Nope, just this, nothing more helpful in the prompt beside the obvious fatal error 😉
Fatal Error!

And an other Fatal Error when Hosting...
Crash Log, 2nd

Keen to know if this is a game issue or something on my end...

Any Feedback / Helpful information to confirm it's not an issue on my end is very much appreciated

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Since the last update of about 550 MB, the game in multiplayer crash to 50% of the parties, it is really painful! Always the message "fatal error", thank you for solving this problem quickly ...

Depuis la dernière mise à jour de 550 Mo environ, le jeu en multijoueur crash à 50% des parties, c'est vraiment pénible ! toujours le message "fatal error", merci de solutionner ce problème rapidement...